Aelen "E" Proff



Gender: Female
Age: 87
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 143lbs
Build: Wirey
Skin: Pale
Hair: Gray, midlength
Eyes: Brown
Homeworld: Alpha Gael, a binary planet used mostly as a go-between to a nearby mining asteroid

WS: 35
BS: 31
S: 30
T: 30
AG: 38
INT: 45
PER: 41
WP: 36
FEL: 65

Trained Basic: Awareness, Barter, Charm, Commerce +10, Deceive, Disguise, Evaluate, Inquiry, Intimidate, Silent Move

Trained Advanced: CLore (K.Expanse, Underworld), FLore (Archeotech, Inquisition, Xenos), Literacy, Psyniscience, Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader), Security, Sleight of Hand, Speak Language (Low Gothic, Trader’s Cant), Trade (Voidfarer)



  • Resume her role as Seneschal of the House Eucleidys
  • Extend web of contacts into House Pentii
  • Avenge the deaths of the Lord and Lady Eucleidys
  • Foster a trade in excess of 500,000 thrones
  • To convince Hannibal to pursue a trade endeavor over another he’s more partial to
  • ?

Aelen doesn’t talk much about her time before coming to House Eucleidys, though judging by the far-reaching web of contacts she brought with her she was in much the same business as she is now. At the recommendation of a close contact, Lord Eucleidys let E join his circle of Seneschals at the age of 26.

Having previously run solo, being at the bottom of a circle of four Seneschals didn’t sit well with her, and she strove to do her best work and prove herself. For 40 years she worked her network of contacts to bring business to House Eucleidys, even growing to serve more out of pride than ambition, when the House traveled to House Pentii.

With her connections and knowledge of House Pentii, E worked closely with Lord Hannibal and the Lightbringers to ensure that the meeting would be safe for all participants. Upon arriving at the planet, her contacts went uncharacteristically quiet and she warned the other Seneschals, and in turn Lord Eucleidys, that something was afoot. The head Seneschal, by order of Lord Eucleidys, told her to protect and, if necessary, to get Lord Hannibal back to his ship. Just as she got in contact with the Lightbringers’ commander, the meeting devolved and what was meant to be an update and warning was then a call for immediate support.

The planet erupted into combat, and E did her best to get Lord Hannibal to calm down and to let his forces get him to safety. Through a bloody and costly fight, with many of the Lightbringers paying their lives, the two of them managed to get to a damaged fleet. Unable to get in touch with any of her contacts, nor the Seneschals, nor with Lord Eucleidys, E insisted they leave the system before the ship was brought down. With a damaged warp drive, they limped into the Void to the broadcasted execution of the remaining members of House Eucleidys.

E’s thoughts immediately went to Lord Hannibal’s older brother, Constantinos, off in some distant system. If this attack had caught him as well, that left Hannibal as the new Rogue Trader. She spent the elongated trip trying to calm the Lord down, and to prepare as best she could for the mess that surely awaited them when they emerged, if they did.

Luckily they left the Warp, but not before the conflict was largely over. E was relieved to learn that the eldest Eucleidys son was still alive and began to look into arrangements to move to his ship in order to help resolve the remainder of the conflict, then begin his Rogue Trader duties. He, however, rejected her. He had taken a new Seneschal and informed her that she would not be needed, instead assigning her to remain with Hannibal. The reasoning was that it had been her responsibility to keep Lord Eucleidys safe while meeting with House Pentii, and she had failed miserably.

Insulted, and guilty, E has worked with Lord Hannibal as his Seneschal for the past twenty years, doing her best to prove to the new Lord that he was wrong to replace her.

Uriah Neall: A tall, dark-skinned man. Recruited into the Lightbringers from a feral world, Uriah is painfully loyal to the point of naivety. His experience off his home planet of Sarr VIII is limited, and his accent is still thick. (When he is nervous or excited, he’s nearly unintelligible.) E has recently, and cautiously, added him to her list of contacts on the Dawn as her primary ear inside the Lightbringers.

Aemillia: Never eat a meal prepared by someone you don’t trust. While not the head cook in preparing Hannibal’s meals, Aemillia is in the kitchen often enough to know when something isn’t as it should be. A soft-spoken and short woman, she is incredibly observant and has been a contact of E’s since just after the Dawn was passed to Hannibal. E does not have many friends, but she finds Aemillia to be good company on the rare slow day.

Ellsworth: An incredibly pale man he is talented at interrogation and making people talk through fear, force, or other means. He used to be E’s first choice when trying to forcibly extract information from a person, but has asked his help less and less. He does not like Maria Themba on the ship, not even a little bit. More than once, he’s suggested to E that Themba is up to something suspicious, but E has not found substantial enough evidence for an investigation to be worth her time. His insistence is annoying her, though.

Latoria Filary: With a population of nearly 90,000 on the Dawn, it’s harder to keep tabs on the more common folk. When E first began creating networks, courtesans have always proven the most fruitful in learning information they shouldn’t, and she endeavored to gain a contact within the group of courtesans simply called Red. However, when trying to gain the confidence of someone lower in the totem pole, the head courtesan sent her a message essentially telling E either to come to her directly or to butt out of their business entirely. E and Latoria Filary engaged in a quiet fight, with E trying to work around the woman and Latoria subtly obstructing her, before finally E contacted her in return. A tall woman with long red hair, Latoria runs a tight ship within the courtesans of Red. While Latoria often has interesting tidbits to offer whenever E asks her help, she commonly expects something in return. E has considered seeking to punish the woman for interfering with a Seneschal’s duties, but Latoria has proven to be very good at creating a network of informants herself. Had the cards fallen a bit differently, E believes that Latoria would have made a good spymaster or even a Seneschal herself.

[Stat block: WS: 25; BS: 30; S: 30; T: 30; Ag: 30; Int: 45; Per: 40; WP: 35; Fel: 40]
[Skills: Awareness (Per), Common Lore (Rogue Traders) (Int), Evaluate (Int), Inquiry (Int)]
Nortas Isiminger: A young assistant that E has to help organize and search through the large amounts of information that she deals with on a daily basis. He tries to converse with her more than she cares for, but he is good about keeping the information he handles to himself.

Malloc: A newer assistant that E has to help organize and search through the large amounts of information that she deals with on a daily basis. He is very outspoken about his opinions in how things are handled, having not quite learned to keep them to himself. E gives him mostly busy work, at least until he does learn.

Dewyer Ferrall: Muscular and tall, Dewyer is a worker sticking mostly to the Dawn’s cargo bay. She helps load and unload massive cargo, laughing louder than the machinery and cursing more than the men. A people person, E calls on her for any discontent in the labor pool or if she needs someone to get information from other workers.

Cratos Ferrall: A stocky and musclar man, Dewyer’s husband, who works in the cargo bay alongside her. He is more in charge of organizing the heavy-lifters, though he’s only recently reached the position. E will assign both he and Dewyer together in some instances if she decides the situation is too dangerous, or if she feels his slightly calmer personality would be of more use.

Pia, Chiri, and Mo: A trio of Mortressian Sonic Shrikes that E acquired while the Dawn was on planet for a contract. She keeps them as pets in her private quarters, dedicating half of her private parlor as an aviary. Pia is a large, bright red female who is very much a lap shrike, cuddling up to E whenever she enters. Chiri is a smaller but vocal black female who observes from afar, usually opting out of contact except for food or for hunting. Mo is a dark brown male who talks twice as much as Chiri and twice as loudly, either demanding E’s attention or trying to chase out any visitors. E used to have a light brown female named Rue, but Rue died about four months ago. Maria Themba created a (partially functioning) Servitor out of the shrike in an attempt to help E deal with the grief. It did not help.

Aelen "E" Proff

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