Ansel Shilhem



He is of medium Height. He has heavy scarring all over his body. He is very muscular leaning t’word lean. He rarely wears anything less than a long sleeve uniform except for when he is in his own quarters. If he is not wearing gloves then one of his hands can be seen as being a masterwork bionic.


Starting out As a Young destitute scavenger life was hard but hopeful. Ansel and his family dreamed of moving to a world free of strife away from footfall in a place where they could breath air free of smog and death. They finally had a chance to move to a world designated to be a farming colony it was recently rediscovered somehow deals were made and Ansel and his family was able to book passage to this world. when an <redacted> Inquisiton.png <redacted> left with out an arm Ansel was unsure what to do he fell on hard times back in footfall. A underworld denizen took pity on the young boy and gifted him with a then too large masterwork bionic arm. he was a small time underworld boss but a profitable one many know as “Libius Severus the fallen”. Libius had Ansel trained in weapons and the art of war. once Ansel was big enough his arm was fitted and after a recovery time he was sent out to repay his debt to Libius he cut a swath through the Underworld of footfall and Libius and his organization grew. Ansel is a skilled tactician and saw the downfall of Libius and made his move he merc’d his abilities off and proclaimed his debt to Libius paid. in his mercenary dealings ansel traveled wide and far eventually acquiring his AAA ( ) . gaining a name for hi-self as someone who would get the job done in a discrete and expedited manner. eventually he caught the attention of the esteemed Hannibal Eucleidys and became his Arch-militant in preparation for his travels into the Expanse,

Ansel Shilhem

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