Hannibal Eucleidys

Rogue Trader


Hannibal’s history


Unremarkable for a noble born who is third in line for the house seat. Always in his brother’s shadow. Plenty of friends and relatively sheltered from the horrors of his universe.


Being third in line for the House seat allowed him to follow his own interests in education more freely than his older siblings had the opportunity to do. As young men tend to be, young Hannibal was interested in the antics and exploits of adventurers, soldiers, and pirates.

Hannibal was instructed in the Tactica Imperialis and made to study under the tutelage of the Commander-General of the Eucleidys House Guard. He was eventually given a command and the opportunity to experience losing men he was directly responsible for as a result. Despite the cost he incurred upon his House in funds, time, and men; Hannibal refused to give up

Young Adulthood

Hannibal began to make a name for himself as a Captain of the Eucleidys House Guard. His brother had viewed the entire endeavor as a fool’s errand meant to amuse young Hannibal but Lord Eucleidys thought differently. Upon turning 25, Hannibal was provided an older bulk freighter, Hand of Eucleidys, and the funds to convert her into whatever role Hannibal decreed. The Hand was retrofitted into a floating military base. She had barracks for the young lord’s new regiment of soldiers, dubbed the Lightbringers, and the supportive facilities to augment the troops. Hannibal waged several successful campaigns from his new command prior to the House conflict that so nearly destroyed House Eucleidys.

House Conflict

The conflict, dubbed by Munitorum officials not serious enough to be called a full fledged House War, was between House Eucleidys and its vassals and a rival House and their vassals. Lord and Lady Eucleidys, Hannibal, and the two youngest siblings of the Eucleidys line were planetside attending a soireee thrown by the rival House. Hannibal’s brother had a last minute engagement that prevented him from making the trip, thus forcing Hannibal and the Lightbringers to be in system when the trap sprung. The seemingly simple freighter was largely ignored when the initial strikes hit the Eucleidys ships in orbit as fierce ground fighting broke out between House Guards on the surface. Lord and Lady Eucleidys, along with their two youngest children, were abducted almost at the outset. Only Lord Eucleidys’s seneschal’s quick actions prevented Hannibal from being seized as well. The Lightbringers, loyal to Hannibal first and foremost under the God-Emperor, made a combat drop into the heart of the city in order to extract their commander. Fully three quarters of the Lightbringers died getting Hannibal out and staying to bolster the beleaguered House Guard Eucleidys. Hannibal made it back to the Dawn shortly before she took fire and her warp engine was damaged. The delay in transfer to the immaterium allowed the transmission of his family and commanding officer’s execution reach the Hand before she made warp. Hannibal had to be restrained from charging headlong back to the planet to exact a futile revenge.


The Hand’s damaged warp engine prevented Hannibal from reaching friendly systems in any sort of speed. As a result, he missed much of the early stages of the conflict and was unable to perform in any meaningful way. The conflict was nominally over by the time he exited warp. His brother was the new Lord Eucleidys and was already brokering a peace deal with the rival House. Part of that deal was marrying the eldest Eucleidys daughter to the rival House as part hostage, part reclamation. Hannibal was gifted the Perilous Dawn by his brother. A custom built Ambition-class cruiser with a history of being somewhat of a mustang. Upon gifting the ship to his brother, from his new seat of Lordship, the new Lord Eucleidys told him, “she should serve you, and by extension the family, well”. He could not quite hide the glint of amusement at Hannibal’s snarl at the reference to the younger brother’s misfortune. Hannibal rebuilt the Lightbringers around a solid cadre of veterans and quickly began setting plans for how to prevent such a plan from happening again. After all, if it could happen to his father, what was preventing himself from being betrayed? He vowed to be the one to strike first. Failing that, to strike down any who threatened himself, his men, or his family.

Hannibal’s 30


Hannibal Eucleidys

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