Khale Brahkoily



56 years old
Gray/White Hair
210 lbs
Sturdy build
Brown Eyes
Always carries an Eviscerator

Career: Missionary > Motivation: Pride > Trials and Travails: Dark Voyage > Lure of the Void: Chosen by Destiny > Birthright: Fringe Survivor ​_Pit-Fighter_​ > Home world: Imperial World

WS 53 // BS 32 // S 48 // T 41 // Ag 33 // Int 42 // Per 33 // WP 44 // Fel 44 //

Adv. Skills (trained)
Common Lore (Imperium/Imperial Creed/War) Int
Forbidden Lore (Heresy) Int
Literacy Int
Medicae Int
Performer (Storyteller) Fel
Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed) Int
Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader) Int
Speak Language (High/Low Gothic) Int

Basic Skills (trained)
Awareness Per
Charm Fel
Dodge Ag


Khale was born on the plant Architectus to a middle class family with a serious gambling problem. Khale never knew it but his parents chose to take money from the Church and used this money to further their gambling habit. When Khale was 5 years old his parents left him with the headmaster of Gonger Monastery as payment for the money they could not pay back to the church. The main saint that all monasteries on Architectus worship is Drusus. Khale took a liking to the histories and worship of Drusus quickly and over the 15 years he spent in the monastery learned many important things about the universe. Mainly being that all should feel the light and glory of the emperor and know the importance of Drusus. At 20 years old Khale was given his first assignment which was to accompany the House Eucleidys. This mission would bring Khale closer to the heathens that needed the light of the emperor and further his goals of creating as many statues and shrines to the emperor and Drusus names. This is where Khale first meets Hannibal, as a follower of Drusus Khale never truly trusts the House Eucleidys but they were a means to an end. Over the years however living alongside Hannibal, Khale learns to trust him but continues to not trust Hannibal’s family.

Khale’s 30 companions

Samuel Frankferd
Studied at Gonger Monastery
Very humble and soft spoken man, assigned to house Eucleidys along with Khale. Acts as Khale second in command of Khale while on board the ship. Holds the responsibility while Khale is off ship or occupied in an “interrogation, or cleansing”

John Wisconsin
The youngest of the missionaries sent to work within house Eucleidys. Loud mouthed, Vulgar and rude man now in his early 50’s , orders about as if in charge, but hold no real responsibilities.

Abraham (Abe) Merkaid
" The kid" now 17 years old. Khale found him rummaging through the deployable cathedral for things to steal when he was 12 years old. As a mid life crisis Khale has decided to whip the kid into shape and “volintold” him to become the next generation of missionaries on board the ship. The kid is never seen very far from Khales side.

Karagen Forhay
Author of “How to Clean your Crusader Chainsword: Preparing for offering to Drusus”
Found her way onto the ship almost 10 years ago. Was the lady who gave Khale his eviscerator so he would stop denting and scratching his crusader chainsword, so he could use it in rituals and ceremonies in Drusus name. She can be found doing the daily duties of confessor and other ship based duties given to those who bring the faith to others.

Coddwall Snowson
no one knows how old Coddwall is, seems like he has been aboard the ‘Dawn’ as long as anyone can remember. Most people only see a crazed old man spouting end of the world propaganda while only wearing a raged robe. (Secretly he is also just fucking insane)

20 mounted war priest
These 20 priest are heavily trained in battle tactic and other military styles of leading and combats. They are all mounted on gigantic boars who have the 900 holy world’s tattooed into their hides with red ink. These boars range in color from dark brown to gray to black. Each of these 20 priest wears and uses crusader chainswords.
5 priests
who work and live to take care of the auto temple and manage the daily affairs of the worship of the ship.

Khale Brahkoily

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