Taru Taco

First Officer


A short man, whose face is mostly locked in a mixture of sadness and a scowl. His black hair is growing increasingly grey despite his juvenant treatments.


Taru was born on the Forge World of Mezoa, where he learned the basics of the Mechanicus Creed, When the Imperium demanded fighting men, he was happy to be selected for Mezoa’s Tithe. Trained and commissioned into Battlefleet Gothic, he led a long and promising career before his vessel became lost in the warp. Upon exiting the warp, the ship found itself in the Ixanide sector, and beset by Ork Freebooterz.

His ship pummeled to scrap, his life, along with those few survivors, were rescued by a passing House Eucleidys merchant cruiser. In return for their returning of the cruiser’s hulk, House Eucleidys was allowed to purchase the commissions of several officers onboard, including Taru’s.

Since that day he has served his new House well as an experienced officer, bringing some martial backing to the mercantile House. He is a rigid commander of men, quick to find mistakes and educate their makers. He does not forgive the same mistake twice, and has beaten to death several subordinates who have especially failed at their jobs.

Taru Taco

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