Maria Themba

Admech Explorator assigned to the Dawn


A once lithe and elegant woman, Themba is a high-ranking Explorator from the Forge World of Lathe-Het. Her body is heavily augmented with Mechanicus implants, and always shrouded behind a thick red robe. Only the right upper side of her face remains unchanged, with a strikingly blue eye mismatched by the right sides glowing green cybernetics. The skin around this eye often tightens, and it is impossible to tell if she’s smiling or squinting.

Themba is always accompanied by a minimum of four Skitarii guards, heavily armed and armoured warriors possessing rare and exotic weaponry. The passageways of the Dawn have seen several violent firefights, as Maria’s past came to light. Her expeditions into the Scarus sector saw her recover a lost piece of archeotech, which many faithful revered as a relic of an Imperial Saint.

In order to comply with her non-interference agreement which allowed her onto the Dawn, she has secluded herself within her own private and heavily guarded quarters, only venturing out when specifically requested by Lord Eucleidys. In her place ‘Bin’ the servo-drone monitors situations and keeps an eye on the command bridge.


Maria Themba

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