Pancracius Ko



Male, dark brown hair, with trimmed beard and mustache.
Not very tall at 5’8", and a slight, but fit build.


Pancratius Ko was born into Battlefleet aboard The Light’s Wondrous Hand.
Trained from birth for naval life, he began facing harassment due to being smaller than most of the other battlefleet younglings. When it became evident that he was not going to catch up physically, he was removed from his naval training and handed off to apprentice as a hullsman. Several years of working in less-than-protected environments, and exposed to hazards and whispers of the void, he attained a sensitivity to the Immaterium. Over time he became aware that most people couldn’t see or feel what he could, especially when traveling through the Warp. He learned that those people are partially blind, or asleep, and quietly pitied them for living partial lives. This understanding of what else is out there, and how ‘mundane’ life is without it, comes across as a certain fearlessness. This apparent lack of fear caught the eye of an experienced attack pilot, Jacob Wolff, who took him under his wing and showed him what it was like to be in control of a little piece of the universe. With a natural affinity as a pilot and the reassurances that his size wasn’t a handicap, Ko realigned his focus with the Imperial Navy and heeded the “Call to War”.

Stationed aboard the Honour of Damlass, he saw his first significant action at the Damocles Gulf Crusade. Over the course of the campaign, Ko did well as a pilot, and felt that he was unstoppable. Becoming known as very capable and essentially fearless, he was assigned more difficult missions, until he was transferred to the Defiant Grace towards the end of the Crusade. Involved in fairly minor skirmishes and anti-pirate patrols initially, the Grace was directed to participate in what would be known as the Scouring of Quintarn.

Ork scavengers had landed on the three desert/agri worlds of Quintarn, Tarentus and Masali. Ko was flying a small transport, when the ship was unexpectedly hit and forced down. Of the 10 survivors of the crash, Ko and one other, Lancer Gamboge, were ultimately rescued, 9 days later after brutal, close-in fighting against a small Ork force. Between the bloody fighting and the terror of being on the open, planetary surface, Ko withdrew from active duty and returned to his life as a deckhand, before ultimately leaving the navy altogether. Signing up for service on the transport, Father’s Candle, he settled into a life of existing and forgetting.

Over the years, Ko has regained some direction, and realized that maybe profit is something he can live for. With a slowly growing ambition, in recent years, he has begun taking steps to increase his wealth. Eventually finding himself on a House Eucleidys ship as a bosun’s mate, he jumped at the promotion to Bosun on the Perilous Dawn.

Perilous Dawn Underlings

  • Valentine Madicon – Chief Bosun’s Mate – female
  • Dashneed Sly – Bosun’s Mate 1st class – male
  • Sarog Gort – Bosun’s Mate 1st class – male
  • Phunter Freeman – Bosun’s Mate 2nd class – male
  • Cathand Imegir – Bosun’s Mate 2nd class – female
  • Tulo Vang – Bosun’s Mate 2nd class – male

Perilous Dawn Pilot Associates

  • Theron Dirk – male
  • Tuk – male
  • Sosannon Pael – female
  • Malieo Tjakor – male
  • Aurora Black – female

Personal Agents

  • Charl DeAthe – female
  • Th-bo – male
  • Raylin Bernart – male
  • Vara Zira – female


  • Tinsil Whimzy – female
  • Shru Boak – male
  • Elegant Wallace – male
  • Langram Odru Terala Viong – male
  • Xutyr – male
  • Aida Hale – female
  • Lancer Gamboge – male
  • Diko – male
  • Legat – female
  • Rings of Bronze – male
  • Kriss Wayd – female
  • Dusty Brooks – female

Pancracius Ko

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