Calixis Sector


The Calixis Sector along with the Iaxinid Sector and the Scarus Sector is one of the three regions of space created following the legendary Angevin Crusade over a thousand years ago. It is home to a number of highly populated worlds and is a model of Imperial efficiency despite its relevant young age and distance from what is thought of as the galactic core. Although the Sector has evolved to be largely self-sufficient, no doubt a large reason for the substantial flow of trade through the sector is due to the nearby Koronus Expanse, with the only safe charted route into this lawless region controlled somewhat by the existence of Port Wander and the interdiction of Battlefleet Calixis.


  • Malifan Sub-sector
  • Josian Reach
  • Markayan Marches

Calixis Sector

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