Other Rogue Trader Ships

Other Rogue Trader Vessels

As the Koronus Expanse is not an official part of the Imperium, the majority of void ships encountered are in the possession of Rogue Traders and their staff. The goals and types of these ships span the breadth and history of the Imperium, and almost any time of vessel can be found with enough time.

Known Vessels

House Gibrahan

  • Thunder of Ambition – An ancient Conquest-class Star Galleon serving as the flasgship of Jacoby Gibrahan’s fleet units within the Calixis Sector and the Expanse. Surprisingly well armed for a transport vessel, she still lacks the armour and redundancy of a true cruiser.
  • Void Eagle – Another ancient vessel, the Void Eagle is catalogued in Imperial records as an Avenger-class Grand Cruiser.

Other Rogue Trader Ships

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